The name 'La Ville Rose' was coined as a result of the general pink glow of the buildings, which are mainly constructed using tiles and roman bricks. It is the principal city in the Haute Garonne named for the Garonne river that flows through the town. The canal du Midi also runs through the city and there are many cruises, river taxis, and boats for hire on both waterways. There are at least 15 museums and galleries catering for all ages and tastes.
There are several ways of getting around the city including a tourist train, and bicycles to hire. You can stroll along the canal du midi under the shade of the trees or take a cruise on the water and admire the fantastic architecture.,e1123

La Cite de l'Espace, Toulouse- museum

A great day out for children of all ages. Huge museum with life size replicas of the European space agency's Ariane rocket and the Russian Mir space station. Many hands-on activities.

Pre-historic park, Tarascon- caves

For anyone interested in pre-history or rock formations, this is a fantastic trip (the cave paintings from other caves are displayed here) and there are various demonstrations of how life was lived. This area has the highest number of caves in the whole of France. Suitable footwear is advisable as the floors of the caves are wet and can be slippery. See the link below for more information.
Cave paintings, flint tool and fire-making displays.

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